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In loving memory of Les Shaul

What started as a Pandemic project in early 2020 to keep me busy during quarantine, turned into my lifeline after I found myself disabled for the next 18 months following a Covid infection. I had just spent my life's earnings on a flipper house with the intention to have the project completed within the next 6 months, and fell ill the day after signing the title. What should have been a speedy recovery for a mild infection turned into the next 18 months of countless hospital visits, Tens of thousands of dollars in testing, and no clear answers to why my body wasn't recovering. My 6 month turn over plan didn't account for being unable to complete the remodel myself, the added expenses in hospital bills, my sudden loss of income from having to quit my job, or the added overhead from being in that home much longer than planned. My $20k savings account for emergencies was gone within 3 months and at 24 years old, I was fully disabled unable to preform even basic household and personal duties without major complications. I was absolutely terrified, and SO angry. Furniture saved my life, and got me through some of the hardest times I have ever had to go through including the death of my best friend during this time. I renamed my business "Undead Furniture Co" from "Cassidy's Creations" because it made sense for every aspect of my life and couldn't have been more fitting for the type of work being preformed. I have always been able to connect to the other side and have seen how there really aren't permanent endings, but instead transformations. Nothing is ever lost forever to death, and sometimes the ending of something is the beginning for something new. I felt like I was bringing furniture back to life every day and transforming it just as life was bringing me back and transforming me during that time. I got to the point where 80% of my house was remodeled when it flooded with level 2 contaminated water. The insurance company took too long to come out and start the repairs, turning it from a level 2 to a level 3 biohazard, ultimately totaling out my house and listing it as a complete loss. For as absolutely tragic as that was with every penny of my money caught up in a project that was now a total loss along with the blood, sweat and tears that went into my house, something told me it was for a bigger purpose and to surrender. It was right around this time that my health started to improve and the insurance company paid out to about the sum total of what the house would have been worth had everything gone to plan and I was able to sell it after the 6 month remodel. I hadn't lost money overall, my health was getting back to be where it was before the infection and now I had an astronomical amount of personal and spiritual growth under my belt, pushing me in the direction for where I was meant to eventually end up. Right around this time, my Grandfather Les who was still alive, came to me in a dream and I took him by the hand and showed him a store with all of my furniture in it. When I awoke, I knew it was a sign and immediately started planning for my next adventure. I call this time in my life, the series of fortunate, misfortunate events lead me to some of the most character building moments in my life and eventually pushed me towards my greatest destiny. The store I opened, later lead to creating a personalized brand of hardware: UNDEAD HARDWARE By Undead Furniture Co along with blessing me with so many new friends and opportunities. There have been so many other little aspects to this journey on how every stepping stone possible for the success of this business was laid out in perfect timing, but writing out every detail would take too long. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and every hardship that has come from this journey has created an even bigger reward. My Grandfather although now passed, visits me regularly and has become one of my biggest supports to call on on the other side. I never would have taken my furniture hobby to the next step had he not pushed me to do so and I couldn't be happier for how things turned out. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you that made it here to my page today. Thank you all for your support. Much love, Cassidy



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