What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for US Residents to promote our products and get paid a percentage of sales with no set-up fees or personal purchases necessary on your end of things.

Share a link and get paid


Share our marketing material to your social media platforms or create a custom page on you website with your specialized link and get paid 10% commissions from every sale made using your link! Commissions are paid out every month on the 5th for the month prior with no cap to your earning potential! Our hardware is in high demand and is brand specific, making them unique and loved by many. We also have a selection of papers, transfers, brushes and other items available on our website. Check out our great reviews!

Helpful tips when marketing

Any of the pictures that are shared from our social media platforms or are on our website are free to use! When reposting images that have watermarks, please be sure to credit the artist who helped to create the projects by tagging them in your post. While this is not mandatory, it is respected and loved by the artists and customers within our community. A sample text might look something like "Check out Undead Furniture Co's newest style of (item: hardware, paper, transfer) called (item name; ex "The Willow"). Furniture Artist (Tag artist here with the watermark name from the photo or just list them if you do not follow them and cannot tag them) used them on this project piece and they added the perfect finishing touches! To purchase this item or others, please support me by using my affiliate link (enter personalized link).

You can also say "link in bio" at the bottom and have your affiliate link in your bio. You can also add the link to your linktree and push people that way, or even add a section to your website that tells people about UNDEAD products and has a button to shop that will redirect them to our site. There are several easy ways to promote using photos and your customized link!

**When you sign up, please be sure to add your paypal information and fill out all of the needed business verification information. We cannot pay you if we don't have your information on file. We do not grant coupon codes for discounts. Just share your link and get paid when customers purchase!

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